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Taal: EN
Leeftijd: 23 jaar
Land: Russia
Sexvoorkeur: gay
Turnons: Food!!!!!!!
Turnoffs: I hate rudeness and communication with rude people

Omschrijving: (In de talen die ik spreek)
: From childhood, I was passionate about everything unusual and mysterious that happened in my life. Over time, this vision of the world grew into creativity, which is vividly expressed in my passion for the art of photography. Yes, I am a complex nature and this is what makes me see the world in unusual, creative colors. I love freedom, audacity, my step is always forward. Mind, beauty, unusual desires – all this causes in me the need to create and search for new goals, new potential, new projects for creativity. Feelings of people, their emotions, good and evil, a wise attitude towards life, in one word – these are human relationships in our world, all this interests me. I am always ready for new acquaintances with interesting people.

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