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Leeftijd: 22 jaar
Woonplaats: Warschau (PL)
Karakter: that’s for you to find out
Levensmotto: same
Levensdoel: to study, make up my life, be healthy, successful, happy
Omschrijving: I don’t want to pretend anything. I am what I am. Since now no more. I am not this much sure about myself though, not this much self-confident… I don’t know. I’m kinda lost. I am here to understand myself, to understand what a man I want in my life
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Hobbies: Travelling, gym, dancing, shopping, bicycling, make-up
Mooiste van mij: I am sweet and kind inside, but shy to open for everyone fast, need some time first to get used to a person, but then sincere and faithful
Mooi bij een ander: chest, shoulders, hands, ass, belly, face
Zwak voor: Open-minded, easy-going, polite, sweet, patient, attentive
Turn-off: bad smell lol
Favoriete standje: many of them actually
Favoriete plekje: that’s a secret 😉
Lievelingseten: Delicacy hihi
Lievelingsdrinken: Dry wine, champagne, martini
Favoriete muziek: pop
Geluksgetal: 8
Vaak Online?: when I have free time
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